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With a combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge treatment modalities, we can develop a customized weight loss plan that enables you to set your goals and achieve them, all without having to undergo surgery or any kind invasive procedure. Set up your consultation, and learn more about how we can help you lose weight and keep it off, naturally!

How Can Medical Weight Loss Help Me?

Weight loss can be a challenging product, and it’s perfectly normal to get to the point at which you realize some guidance will make your journey a whole lot smoother, with results that last as long as possible.

In most cases, our medical weight loss programs consist of two main modalities:

  • Comprehensive exam and diagnosis will be used to determine your target weight, helping you to set attainable goals
  • Custom eating plans will be developed, utilizing nutritional planning that enables you to enjoy the body you’ve always wanted
  • Supplements and medications, when applicable, will be used to help you achieve your optimal results

Effective Weight Loss, Without Surgery

Losing weight can be difficult all on your own, but not everyone wants to take the easy way out and opt to simply undergo surgery that might correct the problem. Not only can this be expensive, but these invasive procedures can be painful, and often involve a protracted recovery time that causes you to miss out on a chunk of your life.

With our medical weight loss program, we can help patients in New Hartford, NY naturally and effectively lose weight, through a combination of modalities that allow you to enjoy the best version of yourself. We’ll develop a customized program, utilizing tailor-made eating plans, built around specific goals, so you can lose weight and live healthy.

State-of-the-art 3D body modeling technology also helps us enjoy a clear image of what you’ll look like once your weight loss is over, enabling us to precisely calibrate your treatment plan for the exact results, targeting specific areas with supplements and medications when necessary.


Holistic Health & Wellness at Alivana

We understand that a healthy life involves more than just good skincare and a rejuvenated appearance. Our holistic approach to wellness means that we’re here with treatments that enable you to look as good as you feel, balancing a fresh-faced appearance with your ability to live life to the fullest.

During your consultation, we’ll learn about your hopes and goals, as well as the unique, individual qualities that make you who you are. 

With this information in mind, we’ll be able to create a treatment plan that brings you total health and wellness, both inside and out.

Discover true wellness

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