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With a number of specific IV treatments, we can address whatever issue you might feel is holding you back, enabling you to make the very best of your day, and boosting your performance with both physical rejuvenation and mental clarity. Reach out and set up your consultation today, to learn more about what IV vitamin therapy can do for you!

How Can IV Vitamin Infusions Help Me?

IV vitamin infusions are a highly customizable treatment, and we can develop a vitamin cocktail that addresses just about any need you might bring to us. Before your treatment, we’ll learn about what you’re here to address, and come up with an IV treatment that most directly addresses your concerns.

Our IV vitamin infusions are great for patients in New Hartford, NY who are looking to address issues like:

  • Lethargy or tiredness
  • Hangovers
  • Immune deficiency
  • Oncoming mild sickness
  • Weight loss aid
  • General wellness

What IV Vitamin Treatments Do You Offer?

We pride ourselves on our ability to use IV vitamin infusions to treat a number of fairly common issues, and we can help you to address whatever it might be that brought you through our doors on a particular day. Depending on what you’re encountering, we can use one or more of the following IV infusions to address your issues:

  • The Get-Up-And-Go infusion helps to burn fat, make you feel energized, and boosts your metabolism to give you that extra lift to your day.
  • The Reboot infusion can ease a hangover headache, nausea, and dehydration to give you that relief you need to take on the day.
  • The Glutathione Glow infusion boosts your immune system with essentials that can help you feel better faster and boost your health and wellness.
  • Our B12 Injection infusion can act as an energy boost for days when you’re just not quite feeling it, so you can handle what you need to handle.
  • The Lipo-Mino infusion helps your body turn fat into energy to give you greater fat loss potential, more energy and includes essentials to increase overall health.

Total Health and Wellness at Alivana

We understand that the best approach to wellness is a holistic one, which is why we offer an impressive array of treatments and procedures that can help you to both look and feel your very best.

Whether you’re coming through our doors looking for a solution to hair loss, would like to shed some pesky extra weight, or are simply looking to refresh and rejuvenate your facial appearance, we can help you.

We’re here for patients in New Hartford, NY, developing customized treatment plans that bring you in line with your cosmetic and aesthetic aspirations, naturally and holistically. Reach out and set up your consultation today!

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