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If you think our AquaGold treatment might be a great option for you, reach out and set up your consultation today! We’re here for patients in New Hartford, and we can’t wait to learn how we can help you look your absolute best.

What is AquaGold?

AquaGold Fine Touch is a type of microneedling that creates microchannels to deliver nourishment and nutrients directly to the pores. The needles are plated with 24 karat gold, which reduces irritation and allergic reactions. Lidocaine may be added to your treatment to maximize your comfort. As among the most innovative technologies on the market, AquaGold can help combat wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, dull skin texture, and other age-related flaws in the face, neck, and décolletage. There is little downtime to contend with after your treatment, and you can be in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes.

How does it work?

AquaGold is a minimally invasive treatment customized to your unique needs and aesthetic goals. A vial containing serums and solutions customized to resolve your unique cosmetic concerns is paired with 20 gold-plated microneedles. The needles are hollow, with the nutrients flowing through them into your skin. AquaGold can treat:

  • Wrinkles, fine lines, and creases
  • Acne scarring
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Loss of facial fat volume

What are the benefits of AquaGold?

  • Helps smooth and firm the complexion
  • Corrects age-related lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Tightens the pores
  • Hydrates and volumizes the skin
  • Enhances self-image
  • Quick treatment time
  • Minimal discomfort or downtime

Who shouldn’t get AquaGold?

AquaGold is not a good option for those suffering from bleeding disorders or those with keloid scars. Patients taking blood-thinning medications will also not qualify for AquaGold. During your private consultation, we will assess your skin and find the right solution to accomplish your cosmetic objectives.


What will my recovery be like?

AquaGold does not have any significant downtime, but you may experience some slight redness at the treatment site for 1-2 days. You will need to avoid washing your face for several hours, but other than that, there are no restrictions. You’ll be able to return to your normal activities right away, feeling refreshed and energized. Clients can see remarkable improvements right away, with results continuing to impress for up to 3-4 months, at which point the treatment can be repeated.


Why choose Alivana Aesthetics?

Alivana Aesthetics is a state-of-the-art medical spa known for providing rejuvenating, minimally invasive skincare treatments that revolutionize your quality of life and boost your self-confidence. From our innovative, cutting-edge technology to the compassion and skill of our friendly staff, Alivana stands as a leader in the ever-expanding field of aesthetics. Our patient-centric approach helps our clients make informed, empowered decisions for their well-being.

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